Best Time To Send Marketing Emails: Let’s Look At The Stats



Wondering what’s the best time to send marketing emails? Well, you’re not the only one.


Email marketing is still one of the best ways to make money online. According to statistics, this will continue to be the case for a long time from now on.


Email is not going anywhere soon. Why?


Well, because everyone will most likely continue to use their email. And where the people’s attention is, there’s always money to be made.


But why do so many people fail to make a profit with email marketing? Do they try to pitch a product to their audience every day?


Are the products that they pitch affordable?


Do they provide enough value? Do they send their marketing emails at the right time of the day?


My guess is that it’s all of the above.


If you’re here to find out what’s the best time of day to send your marketing emails, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will go over what the most important email marketing companies say.


You will also find out a couple of things from my own experience with email marketing. Let’s jump straight into it:

What’s The Best DAY To Send Marketing Emails?


In order to find out at what time it’s good to send your emails, we first need to analyze what’s the best day of the week to do it.


This is very important, because if our audience doesn’t even open the emails they receive from us … well, we don’t make any money, do we?


Click through rate is probably the second most important statistic you need to take into consideration when talking about email marketing.(1)


The first one obviously being conversions.


According to GetResponse, one of the best email marketing softwares that I highly recommend, the best days are Friday and Saturday.


best day email marketing


To be completely honest with you, if you manage to get a 27% open rate on your marketing emails, congratulations! You probably know what you’re doing.(2)


  • Side note: The best day to send emails varies quite a lot (in my experience) and I suggest you test everything yourself. Depending on the niche you’re in, the best day for your audience to receive your emails can be completely different than the one shown in the studies presented in this article. On the other hand, it’s good to approximately know the day in most niches.


If you were to ask me, the weekend is, in general, the best time to send your emails. My theory is that people don’t really have time do check their emails during the weekdays, as they are busy and stressed with work. On the weekends, they can relax and check their inbox.


What Is The Best Time Of Day To Send A Marketing Email Campaign?


First, let me tell you my opinion. The time of day in which it’s suggested to send your emails is very variable.


Think about your own life. Do you check your emails at the same time every day?


Yeah, me neither.


But considering the fact that this is why you came for, let’s have a look at this study.(3)


best time to send emails


As you can see, this study shows that the best time to send your marketing emails is On Tuesday, approximately at 11 A.M.


So … it’s the complete opposite of the GetResponse study.





As I said, there’s no reason to lose sleep over such minute details as the best time of day to send emails.


One of most important things is to have a “catchy” title in your emails, so that your subscribers actually open it. It makes no sense to think about what the best time to send emails is, if nobody opens them :).


Also, some email marketing tools are frankly … quite bad. Meaning that your emails don’t even get sent to all of your subscribers.


I suggest you try a reliable software, like GetResponse. It’s the one I use in most of my campaigns and I intend to completely transfer all my subscribers to this tool.


Look, I’ve even sent emails at night. And it didn’t affect my conversions at all. People just wake up in the morning and open the email.


If not, they might open it the next day. But you need to get their attention with your title.


After you get a decent open rate, it’s time to think about how to build the email in such a way, that you compel your subscribers to click on your calls to action.


The best advice I can give you is to try and evoke as much emotion as possible, because you can get people’s attention for so little time.


After that, they will be more likely to click on your CTAs.


Consider investing in a good marketing course, like the One Funnel Away Challenge. It will help you in all your business endeavors, no matter the niche.



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