Blog Description: How To Write The PERFECT One (And Get More Traffic)



There’s no question that blogging is one of the best online business models out there. Not only that it can be very profitable, but it’s also relatively cheap.


All you need is a reliable hosting service like Bluehost and your creativity. The only downside is that most beginners struggle with getting traffic to their website.


We all know that traffic is the bloodline of your blog. If you put in the time and effort to write a very cool article but nobody sees it, then … you kinda worked for nothing.


If you are just starting out, or you have already written a couple of blog posts but you are not satisfied with your results, then you are in the right place!


You probably didn’t know that a blog description is more important than it seems. It lets the search engines know what your blog is all about, therefore you will have an easier time ranking.


The blog description is a the text that appears in the SERPs next to the name of your website.


There are 2 types of blog descriptions:


  • Blog description (a piece of text that is meant to explain your entire blog)
  • Blog post description (a piece of text that is meant to explain  an individual blog post)


If you learn how to write good blog descriptions, you will soon rank higher in Google and get more traffic.(1)


Let’s jump straight into it:

How To Write Blog Descriptions


You will need to write descriptions for every piece of content that you put out there. Other than that, you will also need to write a explanation for your entire blog.


The reason you want to do that is to help the search engines establish what your blog is about, as well as give your readers an idea about what to expect.


If you are using the Rank Math SEO Plugin, it’s quite easy to include a blog explanation for your homepage.


tips to Write A good Description


In case you are using Yoast SEO, the steps you need to take are very similar.


If you are wondering what to include in your blog description, the following information is kinda mandatory, as every successful blog seems to be including it:


  • What your website is about (you don’t need to be too specific. Just a general idea about the niche you are in)
  • Your expertise (why you are qualified to write about those specific subjects)
  • Information about your brand (it’s important to establish yourself as a brand early on because you will build trust)


As you can see, it’s not very difficult to understand what you need to include in your blog description. If you brainstorm for 5-10 minutes, you should be able to write a pretty decent one.(2)


Blog Description Examples


Let’s go over some examples of successful blog descriptions.(3)


#1: Nerd Fitness


Blog Descriptions: Tips for Effective Ones (With Examples)


Fitness is one of the most profitable niches. However, some people find it to be very complicated.


That’s why Nerd Fitness express their blog as being perfect for beginners that don’t really know much about fitness.


They go on and showcase what you can expect to gain once you visit their website.


They do all of this with less than 20 words. If you ask me, this is a very good blog description.(4)


#2: Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet Example


Lonely Planet is a very popular travel blog. They start their description with a question, which is always a good choice.


Questions raise awareness and curiosity, which is a very useful thing in this decade. We all know that people have a very short attention span.


They go on and express what kind of information you will find out if you visit their website, as well as what steps you can expect to take in order to have a nice vacation.(5)


In terms of travel blogs, I find this one to be one of the best.


#3: Engadget


Engadget Blog Description


Engadget includes a very powerful piece of information in their description. They let you know how old their brand is.


This is aother very powerful advantage, because in the internet world, the older your website is, the more trust it has.


As an old brand, Engadget established itself as an authority in the technology industry.(6)


If you have an older domain, don’t be shy to include this in your description.


How To Write Blog Post Descriptions


In order to avoid common errors in regards to the blog post description, go directly in the “Post editor


The box you are searching for is called “Meta description“. The text you will write here is the one that Google will show in the search results for an individual post.


Don’t give too much information about what your post is about! This is a common mistake beginners make when writing their blog post descriptions.


If you give too much away, then the reader will not click on your link. Try giving just a bit of information and raise curiosity.


It should be kind of a “teaser” if you know what I mean. This is very your creativity should shine.(7)



Tips For Good Blog Post Descriptions


We did some research and found out a couple of things that you should consider when writing your blog post descriptions.


Keep in mind that you should always try to experiment. Blogging is a long game and it can always be improved.


Your main objective is to get as much traffic as possible. In order to do that, you need to optimize your “click through rate”.(8)


Here are a couple of things that can help you do that:


  • Use power words (power words always get more clicks. Use phrases like “amazing” or “perfect”)


  • Write the current year (you can include the current year inside your description. In my experience, putting the year in brackets improves your CTR)


  • Include CTAs (calls to action are a great way to boost your click through rate)


  • Use main keyword (make sure you include your main keyword in your description)


Try to raise as much curiosity as possible in order to get the best results. I’m not saying to clickbait your readers, but to make them want to click on your link.


Also, make sure that once they click on your link, you deliver what you promise them. It makes no sense to lie to your readers.


How To Optimize A Keyword In Blog Post Description?


You should focus on optimizing your blog post for your main keyword that you want to rank for.


In order to rank higher in Google, you need to include your main keyword in the meta description. Also, try including some LSI keywords as well.


If possible, write your main keyword in the beginning of the description. After than, include as many relevant keywords as possible.(9,10)


This will send a message to Google about the relevancy of your article.


Final Thoughts


Blog description is more important than most people think. It can really increase your rankings and help you get more traffic from Google.


Try making people as curious as possible, so that they click on your blog post. After that, make sure you deliver the answer that they were looking for.


Hopefully you now have a better understanding on what it takes to write the perfect blog description. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or get in touch!



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