Email Processing Jobs: Can They Be Profitable or Is It Just Another ‘Make Money Online’ Scam?



I started this blog in order to prevent people from getting scammed on the internet. The point was to give my readers something that I was searching for when I first started my online journey.


Unfortunately it didn’t exist back then. So I got scammed many times.


Let’s talk about email processing jobs. If you had a business in this decade, and you knew you could automate a task via a software, would you hire a person to do that job?


Or would you just pay the software company? I think the answer is pretty obvious right?


Maybe you’re not familiar with this, but there was a very popular scam over a century ago that promised people a ton of money for stuffing envelopes.


Even authorities like the FTC warn you about this kind of things.


In short, nobody is going to make you rich for processing emails. There are automated tools out there that will do it for them AT A MUCH CHEAPER PRICE.


Why would they pay you when they can sign up for an email marketing software like GetResponse? It really makes no sense.


No business in their right mind would offer money for such a task.

Email Processing Jobs: Why Would Someone Pay You?


I’m doing this for a couple of years already. My business doesn’t need people for tasks that can be automated for a fraction of the cost.


Let’s look at a couple of examples:


  • If you buy ANYTHING online, everything you need will be sent via email. Like the receipt, address and so on. Do you think there is a guy standing there that is writing those emails? Or does the email send automatically?


  • If you sign up for a newsletter, does a guy send you the free thing that you gave your email for? And after that he sends you an email every 2-3 days? Does he do this for everyone?(1)


  • When you submit a customer service ticket, who sends you the email that the ticket was received? Is it an employee or a software?


How The Email Processing Jobs Announcements Scam You


Let’s have a look at the process they use in order to take your money:


  • You see an ad that looks kinda like this:


scam banner


It looks very appealing. $25 for each email!


Also, you don’t need to have previous experience with email marketing whatsoever. Everyone can sign up and the potential is unlimited.


You can probably already see how scammy it sounds.


  • The next step is to pay a fee of $25. That’s a small price for what you’re about to earn, right?


  • You now wait for your “gigs”. But in stead of jobs, you receive an email on how you can post ads just like the one you just saw.


They will teach you how to record videos, spam your ads on social media and so on. They will also give you templates for this. It’s basically a pyramid scheme.(2)


Basically, you process the emails of the people who click on your ad and send you $25. Just like you gave $25 to the person whose ad you clicked on.


How You Get Emails To “Process”


  • You spam your ad wherever you can: on YouTube, social media, in your city, and so on.


  • Someone signs up and sends you $25. Now you “process” their email and send them all the instructions that you received after you send the person before you $25.


  • The person who sent you $25 is now $25 short and got totally scammed. Now he needs to spam his ad to someone else so he recovers it.


This is a real pyramid scheme. Don’t fall for it.



What other options are there?


The good thing is that making money online is great and you can make legitimate money in an ethical way without scamming people. You don’t need to be dishonest in order to make money.(3)


And I’m happy you ended up on my blog and read this article. When I first started working on the internet, I fell for so many of these get rich quick schemes. Because I’m not very smart.


There was very little information about these kinds of pyramid schemes back then. It’s a good thing that these thieves get less and less opportunities to scam people with every year that passes.


So, what can you do in order to make money online? In my opinion, the best way is by taking a course, such as the One Funnel Away Challenge and go through it. You will have a better understanding on how this online thing works.


If you can’t afford to pay $100 for it, that’s completely fine. There are plenty of free resources out there. I myself have a ton of free stuff on my blog if you wish to check it out.



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