GetResponse Affiliate Program: Can You Make $100 Per Day With It?

GetResponse Email Marketing Affiliate Program


The GetResponse affiliate program has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years.


If you’ve read my GetResponse review, you’re probably familiar with the tool and what it has to offer. If not, I highly recommend you do that.


The email marketing software market is quite competitive.


The good news is that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, GetResponse is a great software and they have an … affiliate program.(1)


The company claims to be an “all-in-one” online marketing software, but as I said in the review article, it’s rather the best tool for email marketing. If you want to build sales funnels or landing pages, Kartra is a much better option.


If you’re here to find out whether or not you can make money by promoting this email marketing tool, then you’re in the right place!


If I were you, I would be happy. Why?

Because GetResponse has one of the highest commission rates out of all the email marketing tools out there!


Stay tuned to find out how much you can make, as well as what options you will be able to choose from.


In this article we will go over everything you need to know in order to decide if you want to start making money with GetResponse’s affiliate program.

GetResponse Affiliate Program Overview


As mentioned above, GetResponse has one of the best affiliate programs in the email marketing software sphere.


Let’s start by having a look at what the pricing options are:


If you decide to start a free trial, here are the options that you can choose from:


  • Basic: $15/month
  • Essential: $49/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $1,199/month


If you want to find out more about what you get with each of these pricing plans, check out this GetResponse pricing guide. It is recommended you do this, as you’re planning to promote GetResponse as an affiliate. You need to know as much as possible about the tool.(2)




You have the option to choose 1 of 2 payment options. The first one (and the one that I use) is to sign up directly on their website.


The second option is to sign up to the Commission Junction affiliate network. However, it makes more sense to sign up through the GetResponse platform, as you will have an easier time contacting the support (which is amazing by the way) if you have any problems.


Personally I didn’t have any problems until now, but it’s good to know that if you do have (which is highly unlikely), there are people who can help you solve them.


If you choose to opt for the 1 time bounty type payout, then go ahead and sign up for CJ. Why?


Because if you do so, you will be able to collect $135 per signup, as opposed to $100 that you can get if you sign up on the GetResponse website.


On the other hand, if you choose the recurring payment option, GetResponse offers 33% of the amount of money your referral pays for the software. Also, don’t worry about the amount of time you will be able to collect your money.


GetResponse offers lifetime commissions for as long as your referral stays on the plan. This is a great way to get passive income, as you will not need to worry about getting new referrals every month in order to keep the ball rolling.


It’s important to note that if you were to choose the recurring payment option, you will need to sign up on their website and not on CJ.


Also, the cookie duration is a whopping 120 days. So, if someone clicks on your affiliate link but doesn’t sign up right away, it’s completely fine. If they decide to sign up during the next 3 months, you will get credit for the sale.


This is great because most email marketing software companies offer just a 30 day cookie duration.


If you’re wondering how much money you need to have in your account in order to qualify for the payout, then you will be happy to find out that it’s not a huge amount (like a lot of affiliate programs).


In order to receive a PayPal payment, you will need to have at least $50 in your GetResponse account. This is great, as we all know how difficult it can be to get traffic to your funnel.


getresponse affiliate


GetResponse Affiliate Program Benefits


As mentioned above, GetResponse has one of the best affiliate programs when it comes to email marketing softwares. They offer a variety of materials that are meant to help you promote their platform:


  • Banners and text ads
  • Email message templates
  • Email signature text
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • A company logo pack


This is great, as you don’t really need to create your own stuff in order to start making commissions. Your main responsibility is to start driving traffic to your landing pages or blog.


Also, if you have any questions regarding the affiliate program, you can contact their staff, as they have people responsible solely with the affiliate part.(3)


As you found out earlier, GetResponse now markets itself as an all in one marketing platform, so if you want to market it as a sales funnel builder or webinar hosting solution, you’re free to do so.


As you probably know, the email marketing software market is quite saturated, so you can choose to present GetResponse’s other features in order to have an easier time getting signups.


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Quick Start Bonus


GetResponse is the only email marketing platform that I’ve seen offer a quick start bonus. What is that, you ask?

Well, if you manage to get 10 account signups in your first 30 days as an affiliate, they will give you an extra $200, as well as more than 33% commission rate.


If you’re planning on promoting it via paid ads, this is a great way to break even faster. Also, the recurring commission rate is the closest you can get from the dream that all affiliates have: passive income.(4)



GetResponse Affiliate Program Pros and Cons


Let’s have a look at what the advantages and drawbacks are, when talking about the affiliate program. Is it worth it to start promoting GetResponse? Or would you be better of promoting other email marketing services?(5)


Let’s have a look:




  • Good product. Arguably the most important “pro” of the affiliate program is that the product is actually good. If you promote low quality products, you will have a hard time getting a high retention rate. That’s not the case here.(6)


  • 120 day cookie. A very nice thing about it is that you can get signups for up to 3 months after someone clicked your affiliate link. Not all programs offer such a feature.


  • Respected company. GetResponse was founded in 1998 and is one of the most renowned email marketing companies. It’s not like promoting an obscure product that nobody knows about.


  • HUGE commissions. If you choose the one time bounty option, you can get up to $135 per signup. Now that’s a lot of money for a product that costs a fraction of that.


  • Amazing support. If you have any questions, the support is very responsive and friendly. A good thing to have when promoting a product. Sometimes you need a bit of extra help.




  • Can be a bit competitive. As mentioned earlier, the email marketing software market became a bit more competitive in the past years. BUT never be scared of a bit of competition. I remember when I first started affiliate marketing, everyone was saying that it’s saturated. Don’t listen to what these people say. If you work hard, you will see results. Maybe not immediately, but with consistency, you will start making money.(7)




GetResponse has a great affiliate program and you can make good money with it. Consistency is key, like in any online business.


My advice is to start a 30 day free trial, so you can get more familiar with the product. You will have an easier time promoting in that way.


Also, try promoting it from different angles, for example as a landing page builder, etc.