9 Grant Cardone Quotes About Business That Will Inspire You (Creator of the 10X Conference)

grant cardone quotes


There are a ton of Grant Cardone quotes that people find value from. However, some are better than others


Grant is one of the most famous business people in the world. He is also a best selling author and a motivational speaker.


Not only that, Grant is also a sales coach. He is renowned for being one of the best sales experts in the world.


Grant is also a speaker for his own podcast, The Cardone Zone. He has multiple products, including a very popular conference, called The 10X Growth Con.


His most popular books are “Sell Or Be Sold” and “The 10X Rule”.


We compiled a list of his top 10 quotes about life and business, so that you can be inspired to take action.(1)

Top 10 Grant Cardone Quotes


These quotes are meant to inspire you to take massive action and to develop a crazy work ethic.


Without work, your ideas are not worth very much. In business, he who works the most wins.


You will see that Grant is an avid believer in hustling and working every working hour.


Some quotes were taken from his books, while others from the live events. Hopefully you will feel motivated after you read them.(2,3)


So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.


1. Set no targets and you will go nowhere.


If you don’t set clear goals, you will most definitely not achieve anything. How many times did you say to yourself: “I need more money” or “I need to lose more weight”?


What does “more” money mean? $1 more? $10 more? Or $10k more?


Try writing down all your goals and keep it on your desk. You will be surprised how efficient this strategy is.(4,5)


When I first started working online, I started to write all my financial goals on a piece of paper every night. And guess what happened?


I achieved all of them before the deadline!


Try this. It definitely works.


2. Whatever it takes.


OK. I partially agree with this one.


You need to have the right mindset. You should do whatever it takes in order to achieve your goals.


BUT not at the expense of others. Don’t hurt people on your journey to success.(6)


If you do that, it will most definitely come back to haunt you. Do whatever it takes to reach your goals.


Just don’t be a d*ck.



3. You sleep like you’re rich, I’m up like I’m broke.


If you don’t work as much as possible and give it 100%, then don’t expect your business to give you back 100%.


A business is not like a 9 to 5. 90% of people go to their 9 to 5 working as little as possible so that they don’t get fired.


In business, it doesn’t work like that. Because the competition is higher. If it were easy, nobody would be stuck at a job they hate.(7)


Everyone would just watch TV and sleep.


4. I don’t have time is the biggest lie you tell yourself.


Time is the most precious resource we have. Because we can’t get it back …


Do you think that anyone ever said on their death bed “I wish I had more money”?


NO! They always say that they wish they had more time. We take time for granted and we’re cheap with our money.(8)


In stead, we should be cheap with our time and generous with our money. How much time do you waste watching stupid YouTube videos?


All of us are guilty of this…


We should train ourselves to have the determination to get up and spend our time on our businesses. After that, sure, you can go and smoke weed and watch TV.


Who doesn’t like that? We build businesses in order to buy time. Unfortunately that’s not easy.


quotes by grant cardone


5. Never lower your target. Increase your actions.


Don’t settle for less than what you want. If you do that, your self confidence will suffer.


This is true also for relationships. Don’t be content with someone that you don’t really love that much.


Become better and go for it! You have nothing to lose.(9)


More effort = better results


6. Don’t just make money. Make a difference.


If you just focus on making money, you will make some money.


BUT if you focus on making an impact in people’s lives, you will make more money. Also, you will feel good about yourself.


I can’t tell you how good you feel when you know you helped someone. It’s truly rewarding.


Try making a difference for as many people as possible. That’s a goal every business should have.(10)


7. Never quit and you are guaranteed to find your greatness.


Starting a business is not easy because people expect instant results. I’ve been in this online business game for a long time and I’ve seen people come and go.


Some people succeed because they have the right mindset. Most people fail because they quit.


Unfortunately that’s just the reality. If you expect to make instant money, you will give up because you will get discouraged.(11)


I promise you that if you stick with it, you will 100% succeed.


8. Think big. There’s no reason to think small.


There’s literally no reason to set small goals. It doesn’t cost you anything to set big ones.


And if you don’t achieve exactly what you set your mind to, you will still be pretty damn close!


Of course, you need to match your goals with actions. If you don’t, then what’s the difference between you and some guy who drinks at the local bar every night?


He also has goals.(12)


9. Your greatness is limited by only the investments you make in yourself.


Again, this ties very well with one of the previous quotes. We are too generous with our time and we forget that it’s the only resource we can’t get back.


On the other hand, you can always get money back. That’s why it’s always a good idea to make investments in your education. Nobody can take away what you have in your head.


At least for now. Once the people in power figure out how to tax your brain, then we will have to figure something out something else!(13)


Final Thoughts


Grant’s quotes are very inspirational. It really motivates you to get up and do the work after you read them.


I hope you feel the same way too. Consistent action is the key to success in business. I suggest you take the One Funnel Away challenge.


It’s really great value for money and it’s the best business course that you will take.



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