4 UNBELIEVABLE Facts About Kaelin Poulin’s Massive Success (LadyBoss)

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During my first One Funnel Away Challenge, I was lucky enough to hear the story of Kaelin Poulin, a.k.a. Ladyboss. Her story was so inspiring, that I just had to share it with you.


Actually, we made some more research and found out a couple of mind blowing facts about Kaelin. These facts are meant to inspire you to take action and believe in yourself.


So buckle up and get ready, because today we will take a look at one of the craziest fitness and business journeys of all time!


Let’s dive straight into it.

Who Is Kaelin Poulin?


Kaelin Poulin is a business women, the founder of Ladyboss, a weight loss expert and the author of the best selling book “Big Fat Lies”.


Her book changed the lives of many women, inspiring them to live better lives, as well as trust themselves.(1,2)


Kaelin is married to her husband, Brandon, who she met back in 2013 when both of them were working in the weight loss world.


As promised, we will take a look at some of the most amazing aspects of Kaelin’s story:



1. Best Selling Author


Kaelin is not just one of the most popular business women in the world, but also a best selling author. As mentioned above, her book changed thousands of lives.


Her voice was heard by women all over the world. A voice that took her readers through an incredible emotional roller coaster when going through her weight loss journey.


Kaelin showed us the light at the end of the tunnel. Some of us know how emotionally shattering a body transformation can be. Not seeing results right away can really discourage people, not just in weight loss, but in business as well.


In her book, she explains a lot of the lies that are seen as truths by many weight loss experts. Kaelin comes with solid arguments and shares undeniable truths.(3)


Her goal when writing this book is to take the confidence of her readers at a whole new level and inspire them to not give up their goals and their dreams. Kaelin knows very well how discouraging it can be to need to settle for less than she deserves. Especially as a woman.


The success of the book comes from the fact that the readers can truly feel that Kaelin speaks from the bottom of her heart and is not in any way shallow, like other so called “experts”.


Also, the book is very well written and you can be sure that the information inside is true.


Because Kaelin put the information in practice herself. And it truly worked.


Her book, “Big Fat Lies” was released back in 2017 and it can be purchased from Amazon, as well as on Kaelin’s own website.


As mentioned above, it helped countless women regain their lost confidence through emotional stories, as well as cold hard facts.


2. World Champion … And World Record


kaelin body transformation


You probably didn’t know this, but Kaelin set the world record for the fastest ever IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) winner. That’s just incredible.


Even if you’re not into fitness, this accomplishment should inspire you, as well as make you appreciate it. Winning a world title is a huge thing regardless of your industry.


But setting a world record is just absolutely amazing. Kaelin became the fastest athlete to ever win an IFBB Pro Card and inspired millions of women around the world.


Winning an IFBB Pro Card is only possible if you first win a regional title. After receiving the card, the athlete is then able to go on the national level and compete against athletes from the other regions.(4,5)


After Kaelin set this world record, she got a lot more (and well deserved) attention from the media. Considering the point in her life where he was before her fitness journey, she showed us that limits exist only in your mind. Because the mind controls the body and not the way around.


If you master your mind, the body needs to follow. Kaelin didn’t only break the glass ceiling, but she went straight into the stratosphere.


3. Business Women – From The Bottom Up


Kaelin also has a very inspirational rags to riches story. She didn’t receive anything in her journey, but she has to go out and get it!


At the beginning of her journey, she was struggling in multiple areas of her life. Not only that she didn’t feel comfortable with her body, but she also didn‘t have much money either.


Kaelin described her sense of guilt after eating a pizza. I know you can relate to this because … we all love pizza. But after eating it, we know we shouldn’t have.


Kaelin then met Brandon, who also didn’t have a very stable financial situation. They immediately fell in love and decided to push through all the difficulties together.(6,7)


Kaelin luckily has an epiphany. She thought it would be a good idea to start a business. The problem was that neither her or her boyfriend had money to begin with. They scraped together a little more than $1k and decided to give it a go.


The business she started was the now very popular company, Ladyboss. Kaelin’s goal was to help other women go through the same life changing transformation that she went through. But to hold their hand along the way.


Fast forward to today, Kaelin helped over 50.000 women change their lives. The secret to the company’s success was that Kaelin offered her clients more value than the competitors.


Not only that, but she charged them a lower price. That’s always a recipe for success for any business, regardless of the market you’re in.


The takeaway from this story is to never focus just on money. Of course that the main reason we want to start businesses is to get money and leave our soul sucking jobs behind.


If you focus on providing the most amount of value to the people who you serve, your chances of success increase exponentially. There’s no business on planet Earth that thrived by just focusing on making money.




4. Influence Taken To Another Level


Having a big reach seems to be the name of the game in business nowadays. If you don’t build a large audience, you will have a hard time becoming successful.


Kaelin definitely noticed this trend and started working on building a massive following on social media. At the time of writing this, she has over 410k followers on the most important social media platform (again, at the time of writing this. We don’t know if Facebook will make a comeback:)) in the world!


If you’re not a social media freak, this might not seem like such a huge deal to you. But you should take into consideration the potential that social media has in regards to business.


In a competitive niche, such as fitness, it’s very difficult to create a large audience. We saw hundreds of examples of companies with an army of employees not manage to get past 10k followers on Instagram.


On her account, Kaelin posts incredible body transformations, delicious recipes, as well as funny pictures regarding fitness.


Sometimes we all need to have a bit of a laugh, don’t we?


Final Thoughts


Hopefully you feel as inspired as I was when I first came across Kaelin’s incredible story. We all know that business is a man’s world, but that doesn’t stop you from going out and competing. Even as a woman.


“Discouraged” is obviously a word that doesn’t appear in Kaelin’s vocabulary.


I suggest you take the OFA challenge. It literally transformed my business.


Inside, you will also see Kaelin talking about her story and her business model.


Half of success in business in mindset. And the other half is consistency. Never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do!


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