Nike Product Testing – How It Works & What You Get!

By William Aug 17, 2023

Nike is constantly testing and developing new products, and they require feedback from real-world users. This feedback allows them to improve their materials and their designs. That’s where you come in as an item tester. Nike sends product testers prototype gear, which means it isn’t yet on the shelves. Hence, some of the things you try out as a product tester may not ever make it to the shelves.

Product testers keep track of how, where, and when they use their products.

And include surveys as well as forms to fill out with basic information. This is information such as how the running jacket’s fabric was a little stiff or how the shoe laces came undone too easily. This may seem insignificant to you, but to Nike, it is invaluable information that they use to fine-tune and make changes. After a period of product testing, which could last days or even months, the tester returns the product to Nike. Yes, you read that correctly; you do not get to maintain the items. Nike seems to want to see how the gear holds up over time.

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What is the procedure for Nike Product Testing?
So, how do I apply to be a Nike Product Tester?
Nike Product Testing Software
Can You Become a Nike Product Tester If You Don’t Live in the United States?
Compensation for Nike Product Testing
How to Participate in Nike Product Testing in 2022
What is the procedure for Nike Product Testing?
Product testing is used by businesses to gather feedback from customers in order to improve current products and create new ones. Most major brands, such as manufacturers such As Under Armour and New Balance, have some form of product testing. Users can even become Amazon product testing and receive free Amazon items.

Companies now have two options for conducting actual testing.

Testers who work from home
In addition, on-site testers
Independent testers
Remote testers are authorised through an online application and are mailed products to test on their own time. They complete surveys (sent with the product) about their thoughts on the product, and they offer up a log detailing their experiences with it. It’s similar to an online focus group.

Field testers
You must physically appear at one of Nike’s testing facilities as an on-site tester. Because the exact location of Nike testing facilities varies, you will be assigned tests that are performed in a testing facility near you. However, their product review process is similar to that of remote testers.

So, how do I apply to be a Nike Product Tester?
To become a Nike product testing, you must first accept their rules before applying and being approved. Here’s how to get started right away:

Step 1: Go to Nike’s official product testing site, Voice of the Athlete, at and click the “Apply” button.

Step 2: Interpret the rules (Nike product testing hiring code) and apply.

Step 3: Obtain approval and begin testing.

Please keep in mind that Voice of the Athlete is a new website. The company’s previous product testing website,, is no longer operational.

The registration form will include standard identification questions such as your location, age, and so on. You’ll then be asked about your favourite sports and sports activities, as well as your clothing and footwear shopping habits, what you look for in terms of style, how these sizes you wear, and what sports clothing preferences you have. This is mostly demographic data that they are gathering to see if you’re a good fit for them.

Your Dimension
Nike is, simply put, a clothing company. As a result, they will want to know your exact measurements. Not only will they consider your demographic, but they will also match you with clothing and shoes that actually fit you!

They’ll need your exact foot-to-head height. This entails standing on a tape measure and raising it to your ear. It is recommended that you get a second pair of eyes when doing this for complete accuracy.

Here’s how to calculate it:

Measure your chest around the widest part of your chest. Typically, this entails wrapping the tape measure around your chest muscles and trying to measure from there.

ONLY FEMALE. This is for your average bust size. Place the tape measure directly beneath your breasts and measure from there.

Then there’s the narrowest part of your waist (which should be around the navel.)

At last, the most narrow part of your hips, which should be just past your pelvic bones’ most outward bones.

Once you’ve gathered all of this information and entered it into the appropriate sections of the application form, submit the application and wait for the approval.

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Nike Product Testing Software
Nike separates participants based on age because they have footwear and apparel for different age groups and want to send them appropriate products to test. As a result, they have various applications for each age group.

Here are the direct links to each age group’s applications:

Adult (18+ years old) Application
Minors’ Application (13-17 years old)
Application for Parents Seeking a Child (12 years or younger)
Can You Become a Nike Product Tester If You Don’t Live in the United States?
Yes, even if you don’t live in the United States, you can get free Nike shoes and apparel. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the company only accepts product testers from a few countries, including Mexico, Japan, Italy, Canada, and China (they’ll ask your country of residence in the application form).

Because these are the countries where the company has a large market share, it stands to reason that they would want to get customer feedback in those countries so that they can develop better products and sell more and make more money. After all, product testing programmes exist to assist businesses in gathering feedback from actual users in order to improve existing products and develop better ones in the long term. Focus groups and online surveys exist for the same reason.

If you live outside of the United States and your country is not listed, you can always contact the company and request a link to an online application.

Nike will review your profile at the end of each year to assess how well you performed as a tester and will decide whether or not to renew their partnership with you for the following year.

There is an incentive to participate in good faith because having your partnership renewed is always beneficial! So, follow the rules if you want to keep getting free shoes.

Compensation for Nike Product Testing
You will receive free Nike shoes to test as a Nike product tester. As far as I know, there is no cash reward for becoming a Nike wear tester, which means you will not be paid, but you will receive free Nike shoes and athletic clothing. Assume they have to test a new sneaker for a year to see how it performs. They send you a pair, you wear it for a year, and then send it back to their lab for analysis. So you got a free pair of shoes for a whole year.

In some cases, the products do not even need to be returned for analysis. In any case, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to get free stuff while also assisting companies like Nike in developing cutting-edge products. You can help the company while receiving free merchandise, so it’s definitely something worth recommending to any sports fans or athletes in your life.

How to Participate in Nike Product Testing in 2022
To sign up to be a Nike product tester in 2022, visit the following website:

Once there, you’ll notice a login link in the upper right corner and a large orange button in the centre that says “APPLY.”
Because this is your first time applying, click the Apply button.
After you’ve applied, you can use the credentials you’ve created to log in.
For the time being, however, simply click the apply button.
This will bring you to a main page.
Splash pages are designed to provide you with information quickly.
In this case, it describes the application and testing processes.
It depicts a three-step process for the application.

Apply to work as a tester
Get the go-ahead! Selected to take part
Eligible for testing
The testing procedure is divided into five steps.

Get the go-ahead! If you are chosen to participate, please see the next steps for more information.
Accept the invitation to the test and obtain the test packet
Product testing
Please provide feedback via the website.
Return the product to be tested again.
Go back to step 2.
Sign-Up Procedures

The first step is the initial message, which informs the child that they must be accompanied by a parent in order to complete the sign-up process.

Furthermore, because they are a minor and require their parent to sign for them, Adobe Sign will send an email to their parent.
The parent must be able to track that email address or the child will be unable to complete their registration.
The second step is to choose the country from which the application is being made.
The countries are the same as before, ranging from the United States to Vietnam.
The third step requests the email address of a parent.
This could be the same email address that was used to sign up for the service.

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