Russell Brunson Net Worth, Story, Age & More (Clickfunnels Owner)

Russell Brunson Net Worth


If you’re not new to my blog, you already know a couple of things about Russell Brunson.


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If you want to find out Russell’s net worth, backstory or other aspects of his life, then you’re in the right place.


In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about the creator of Clickfunnels.

Who Is Russell Brunson?


Russell was born in 1980, in a small city from Utah, named Provo. When he was a child, his family decided to move to another city in order for Russell to have better opportunities in life.


They then moved to Boise, Idaho, where he grew up, as well as where he met his wife, Collette (more on that later).


All of us start developing hobbies and passions in our teenage years. Some of us realize they love playing football, others start playing an instrument.


Russell started to develop a couple of strange hobbies. One of which was collecting junk mail.


Yeah … I know what you’re thinking. What? Collecting junk mail?


This was actually an early sign of his inclination towards marketing and entrepreneurship.


Why? Because the mail was about commercials.


Russell became intrigued by how other entrepreneurs were trying to sell stuff. So he started studying their campaigns so that he too can start making money.(1)


When he was in his high school years, he started competing in wrestling championships. This was a sign of his competitive nature.


Russell then got the 2nd place in the U.S. wrestling tournament, therefore receiving a scholarship to Boise University.


During his college years, he tried various side hustles. Some of them were successful, such as a membership website or a potato gun business. Funny, right?


After that, he met Dan Kennedy, who then became his mentor.


Russell went ahead and made his first million dollars within only 1 year by building various funnels.


Back then, it was very hard and expensive to build funnels, as you had to hire different software engineers.


I dont need to tell you that he saw the huge potential of sales funnels. It was back then when he had his brilliant idea to create Clickfunnels, so that every entrepreneur can build funnels at a relatively cheap price.


Keep reading if you want to find out how Clickfunnels was created.


The Beginning of Clickfunnels


clickfunnels company


Clickfunnels is now one of the most well-known software companies in the online marketing space. It is now worth a lot of money (more on that later).


When Russell Brunson created it in 2014, even he didn’t expect it to become what it is today.

In order to create such a monster of a corporation such as Clickfunnels, he needed some help from someone with experience.


So, he partnered with Todd Dickerson, an experienced marketer.


Since then, many entrepreneurs became millionaires by creating sales funnels. Clickfunnels wasn’t the first sales funnel building software out there though.


Back then, Infusionsoft was the most used sales funnel building platform. So, how did Clickfunnels surpass them with such ease?


Well, they created an affiliate program, so that people can do the marketing for them. Russell is definitely one of the smartest marketers out there.(2,3)



How Much Is Clickfunnels Worth?


The growth of Clickfunnels happened really fast. Nowadays, the company has a 360 million dollars valuation.


Though it’s safe to say that it’s on its way to becoming a unicorn.(4)


How Many Users Does Clickfunnels Have?


Since 2014, the number of Clickfunnels usere grew to over 70.000. Many of these users became 2 Comma Club winners, making multiple millions of dollars by building sales funnels.(5)


Clickfunnels Headquarters Location


Russell didn’t want to leave the city where he grew up in, so he built the Clickfunnels HQ in Boise, Idaho.(6)


Russell Brunson’s Wife


Russell Brunson wife


Everybody can remember fantasizing about marrying your high-school sweetheart. Unfortunately, very few of us do.(7)


Why? Because that’s how life is.


Russell was one of the lucky few that managed to marry his high school girlfriend, Collette. Together they have 5 children.


Russell Brunson Books




As of 2020, Russell has published 3 books, each of them covering different aspects of the online business world.(8)


  • DotCom Secrets was published in 2015, and was Russell’s first book. It teaches you the psychology behind a succesful sales funnel.Russell sold over 100.000 copies of DotCom Secrets, making it his most succesful book (yet). It covers everything there is to know about funnels, including upsells, bonuses and so on.If you want to learn more about this book, you should read my review where I go more in depth about the content.


  • Expert Secrets is Russell’s second book. He launched it in 2017, and it was meant to teach people how to become a leader in any niche. It covers everything from building an audience to creating email sequences. If you want to learn more about it, go ahead and read my Expert Secrets review.


  • Traffic Secrets is the last book that Russell wrote. It was written in 2020 and it teaches you how to get more traffic to your business. Traffic is the most important part of any online business because you can have the best offer on the planet, but if nobody sees it then … you do’t make any money. If you want to learn more, you guessed it! Go ahead and read my review of Traffic Secrets.


Russell Brunson Net Worth


brunson photo


OK. Now for the long-awaited moment.


In this article, we covered Russell’s early life, income streams and how he made his first million when he was in college.


In 2019, he had an estimated net worth of $37 million. As you can probably imagine, this number grew in the past year, and will probably continue growing as Clickfunnels is on it’s way to becoming a billion dollar company.(9)


Most of this amount was generated by his company, but let’s not forget about his consulting services, as well as his books and live events.


Russell went from collecting junk mail to a multi-millionaire with a lot of hard work.


Let’s not forget that he’s only 40, and still has a long way ahead of him. He hopes that Clickfunnels will become a billion dollar software company.


He’s definitely on the right track.


Russell Brunson’s Income Streams


Russell Brunson photo


Russell has built an entire system around his company, including his books, the OFA (One Funnel Away Challenge) and the live events that he organizes.


Like any successful entrepreneur, he has multiple income streams. Some of them being consulting services.


If you want to speak for 1 hour with Russell Brunson, you will need to pay $5.000. So you might want to think twice before booking 🙂


Also, if you want him to build a sales funnel for you, that will set you back $250.000. Oh, and 10% of the income that the funnel generates.


Russell is also a public speaker. His fee starts at $100.000 for an event.


This is the same price that he charges for training. If you want to call Russell to train your team, that will set you back $100K.


Another one of his income streams is the Inner Circle. This is a very exclusive group where Russell mentors you 1-on-1.(10)


He only allows batches of 100 people, and to this day he helped multiple entrepreneurs become millionaires.


The price of the Inner Circle is unknown, but as you can probably imagine … it’s a lot.


By the way, I highly suggest taking the OFA challenge. It’s Russell’s best product to this day and you will definitely find a ton of value in it.