7 Tony Robbins Quotes That Will Make You Believe In Yourself (Author of Money Master The Game and Awaken The Giant Within)

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If you came to find out that the best Tony Robbins quotes of all time are, then you came to the right place!


Tony Robbins is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world. He is also a best-selling author and a self help coach.


Tony’s family didn’t have a lot of money when he was young. His father was working as a salesman and he couldn’t afford to give Tony the things he wanted as a child.


That’s why his mom wanted him to become a truck driver when he grew up. Because the truck drivers were making more money than his father.


Tony decided to become a coach, so that he can help young people overcome adversity. He was no stranger to adversity, as he had to basically work his ass off since he was a little boy.


Tony has the typical rags to riches story, and that’s one of the things that propelled him to write several best selling books. His 2 most popular books are “Awaken the giant within” and “Money: master the game”.


Tony Robbins is known to have coached some of the most influential people in the world, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah, and many others.(1)


You don’t become the most popular motivational speaker in the world without having some awesome quotes, right?

Most Inspirational Tony Robbins Quotes Of All Time


Today, we will take a look at some of Tony’s most inspirational quotes of all time. Many of them are taken directly from his books.(2,3)


Others are from his live events. Most of them are related to business, as that’s what this blog is all about.


Let’s get straight into it.


1. In life you need either inspiration or desperation


You can’t have success in business and in life without at least one of the 2. Inspiration will get you past adversity because you have a higher purpose.


For example, you can have a business that has a mission to provide the best possible service to the customer. If you don’t have such a purpose, the other option is to have your back against the wall.


If you are in a desperate situation, you will be surprised of how strong you really are. You will find out that you have so much power within you, that you can push past any kind of obstacle.(4)


Hopefully you will have inspiration rather than desperation. Nobody wants to have their back against the wall.



2. If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can


This one ties into the previous quote from Tony. If you are put in a situation where your only option is to push forward, you will 100% be able to do it.


We all know that nobody strives to reach success when they have comfort. However, if you don’t have comfort and you need to perform in order to get out of a bad situation, you have a very high chance of doing it. Because your brain will register the fact that the only option is victory.(5)


3. A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided


If you really want something, you will not dabble into it. You will not wait for the right moment.


In stead, you will go out and take action. In business, the one who wins is the one who takes the most action. The one who wants it the most.(6)


Successful people don’t wait for the right moment. They can’t afford to do so because they want it too much.


4. You don’t have to have a reason to feel good. You’re alive – you can feel good for no reason at all


Sometimes we forget how lucky we are that we’re alive. We take so many things for granted …


For example your health, which is the most important thing in the world. You never think about it until something bad happens.


It’s the same in business. If you’re working on your own business, what can be better than that? It’s a very good reason to be happy.(7)


If you don’t do that already, soon, you will live life however you want it. As long as you stay consistent, of course.


tony robbins quotes


5. People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals. That is, goals that do not inspire them


If you don’t think about your goals in most of your waking time, then you should get some new goals. If you’re sitting at your 9 to 5 job and you’re unhappy, then set a goal and just go after it.


Life is too short to waste your time doing things you hate. It’s much better to set a goal, work hard and then enjoy your success.(8)


If you feel lazy, you’re selling yourself short. Don’t be content with what you have. Strive for more!


6. The secret to living is giving


Helping people and providing value is truly rewarding. You really feel alive when you know you helped even one person.


Try to give as much as possible to your customers, and you will 100% be rewarded. In the long run, you will make more money and your business will be more profitable if you focus on providing value. Tony is a great manager and he definitely walks the walk.(9)


Businesses who neglect their customers don’t last long. Look around.


7. Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes for you


Don’t misunderstand this with being content with your current state. Tony meant that you should be thankful for what you already have, and the universe will reward you with more.


Be happy all the time. But fall into the trap of being content and not striving for more.(10)


Final Thoughts


Hopefully you feel inspired to take action and take your business to the next level! Tony Robbins is truly one of the best motivational speakers in the world.


Also, his sales funnels were created by none other than Russell Brunson. So, there’s no surprise that he sold so many of them.


If you’re serious about business, I highly suggest taking the One Funnel Away Challenge. It really changes your perspective on how business works.



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